Senior QA Engineer Interview Questions

Senior QA Engineer Interview Questions

September 16th, 2019

Senior QA Engineers, also known as Quality Assurance Managers, oversee product and software testing procedures within a company. They are responsible for implementing test procedures, drafting test documents, troubleshooting QA issues, and reviewing quality assurance reports.

When interviewing Senior QA Engineers, top candidates will display high-level analytical skills, specialize in problem solving, and have extensive managerial experience. Be wary of candidates with poor communication skills and those who are unable to manage junior staff.

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Interview Questions for Senior QA Engineers:

1. What skills do you think Senior QA Engineers need to be successful?

Highlights the candidate’s understanding of the role and reveals their skill-set.

2. Can you describe the key elements in a bug report?

Reveals a deeper understanding of bug fixing.

3. What is meant by the severity and priority of a defect?

Demonstrates knowledge of QA processes and product defects.

4. How would you resolve an issue where testing reports are showing poor results?

Reveals the candidate’s communication and managerial skills.

5. Can you list the challenges of product and software testing?

Highlights knowledge of the overall QA process and reveals possible gaps in knowledge.

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