Pharmacologist Interview Questions

Pharmacologist Interview Questions

May 26th, 2019

Pharmacologists carry out complex experiments in drug and chemical research. They conduct research to identify potential beneficial and harmful side effects of new or modified drugs when tested on humans, animals, and plants.

When interviewing Pharmacologists, look for candidates who demonstrate strong analytical skills as well as the dedication to spend up to 15 years testing a medication before it can be released. Take note of candidates who lack technical skills as well as strong communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Pharmacologists:

1. What are some of the most common tests you would perform on a new proposed drug?

Demonstrates candidates' knowledge of basic pharmacological testing.

2. How do you prioritize the tests to be performed?

Demonstrates candidates' organizational and time management skills.

3. How would you react if your colleagues wanted to release a drug that you felt had not been tested thoroughly?

Demonstrates candidates' teamworking skills as well as willingness to adhere to pharmacology safety rules and regulations.

4. How would you differentiate between dosage for adults and dosage for children?

Demonstrates candidates' analytical abilities as well as their ability to analyze scientific data.

5. What is your preferred method of record keeping during testing phases, especially when you must test several different compounds?

Demonstrates candidates' attention to detail and record keeping skills.

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