PBX Operator Interview Questions

PBX Operator Interview Questions

June 5th, 2020

PBX Operators manage incoming and outgoing calls via Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems. They work at businesses, public facilities, and organizations where they assist callers to reach designated departments or individuals. They are also required to relay messages and maintain call directories.

When interviewing PBX Operators, look for candidates with experience in using PBX systems and exceptional interpersonal skills. Avoid candidates who lack professional etiquette and those with limited organizational abilities.

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Interview Questions for PBX Operators:

1. Can you demonstrate how you'd answer an incoming external call in this role?

Evaluates the candidate's professionalism, as well as their interpersonal skills.

2. How would you handle a caller demanding to speak with someone in a meeting?

Highlights the applicant's communication and problem-solving skills.

3. Can you tell me your steps to create and maintain an accurate call directory?

Demonstrates the candidate's experience and organizational skills.

4. Can you explain a few tips for taking and relaying accurate messages?

Assesses the candidate's knowledge of conveying accurate messages and reveals whether they follow appropriate steps.

5. You accidentally drop a forwarded call. How do you respond?

Reveals professionally appropriate problem-solving skills, or a lack thereof.

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