Line Worker Interview Questions

Line Worker

May 16th, 2019

Line Workers install, repair and maintain overhead transmission and distribution systems, and underground cables and electrical equipment. Ideal applicants are meticulous, dexterous and patient. Avoid clumsy, lethargic applicants.

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Line Worker Interview Questions:

1. Are you an effective driver, and why would you say so?

A large percentage of a Line Worker's time is spent driving between jobs, and transporting materials and equipment. The applicant needs to convince you of their driving skills.

2. Would you say you are safety-minded, and why?

It is of utmost importance for a Line Worker to be safety-minded, as the well-being of coworkers, the public, themselves and the environment hinges on this.

3. Could you give examples from past experience where you handled a challenging person effectively?

Listen for the candidate to demonstrate their people skills. Line Workers have to work harmoniously with team members and clients.

4. Which are the three most challenging electrical problems you mastered in previous positions?

The prospective hire's answer will display their technical abilities as a Line Worker and their problem-solving skills.

5. Which aspects of your position do you enjoy most?

The potential hire's answer will show their strengths as a Line Worker.

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