Life Insurance Agent interview Questions

Life Insurance Agent Interview Questions

July 25th, 2019

A Life Insurance Agent is a representative of a company who is licensed to give advice, provide intermediary services and sell life insurance products.

When interviewing Life Insurance Agents, the most suitable candidate will possess excellent product knowledge, communication skills and a passion for engaging with clients. Be wary of candidates who display poor product knowledge, and lack the demeanor of a successful Life Insurance Agent.

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Interview Questions for Life Insurance Agents:

1. What qualities make you most suited for the job?

Highlights character traits and communication skills.

2. How do you plan to expand your client base?

Demonstrates the candidate's enthusiasm and drive.

3. Why are advice and intermediary services important to the client?

Demonstrates the candidate's willingness to provide holistic service.

4. Which external source is a safe and acceptable place to store documents?

Highlights the candidate's knowledge of this important task.

5. Why is the data-gathering phase in the financial planning process important?

Demonstrates the candidate's knowledge of this important stage in the financial planning process.

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