Landscape Foreman Job Description

Landscape Foreman Job Description

August 30th, 2019

Also known as Landscape Crew Leaders, Landscape Foremen supervise and coordinate groundkeepers to ensure well-maintained grounds, proper use of tools, and responsible allocation of resources. Landscape Foremen assign tasks, train workers, monitor performance, and provide material and cost estimates. They work in both private and public spaces.

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Landscape Foreman Job Description Template

We are searching for a responsible, self-starter to be our new Landscape Foreman and manage a number of groundskeeping teams. The Landscape Foreman's responsibilities include overseeing the construction of outdoor spaces and maintaining existing grounds, monitoring and training workers, supervising the use of equipment, ensuring staff observe safety guidelines and protocols, and completing various administrative duties. You should also have leadership skills and sound knowledge of pesticides and chemicals.

To be successful as a Landscape Foreman, you should be able to both follow and provide instructions. A top-notch Landscape Foreman should constantly be expanding their horticulture knowledge, be a keen problem-solver, and possess remarkable communication skills.

Landscape Foreman Responsibilities:

  • Delegating tasks and overseeing the use of tools and equipment.
  • Recruiting and training new crew members.
  • Assessing progress and making recommendations.
  • Ensuring all crew members obey health and safety regulations at all times.
  • Completing landscape design and construction.
  • Overseeing maintenance of lawns and gardens, and ensuring proper use of pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals.
  • Completing inventory checks and equipment inspections.
  • Preparing spreadsheets and other documents.
  • Providing cost, material, equipment, and time estimates.
  • Scheduling training sessions wherever required.

Landscape Foreman Requirements:

  • High school diploma (degree in Horticulture recommended).
  • Relevant certificate may be required.
  • Knowledge of tools and equipment used in landscaping.
  • On-the-job training as a landscape crew member.
  • Experience in a leadership role would be advantageous.
  • Ability to provide clear written and verbal instructions.

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