Junior Recruiter Interview Questions

Junior Recruiter Interview Questions

October 14th, 2019

Junior Recruiters are junior-level human resources employees who work directly under the Hiring Manager or Executive Recruiter. They are tasked with posting job applications, screening résumés, managing the recruitment database, and setting up interviews.

When interviewing Junior Recruiters, the ideal candidate will have advanced knowledge of recruitment techniques, display good communication skills, and have excellent organizational skills. Be wary of candidates who display poor interpersonal skills and those not comfortable with conducting telephone or online interviews.

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Interview Questions for Junior Recruiters:

1. What skills do you think Junior Recruiters need to be successful?

Demonstrates the candidates understanding of the role and reveals pertinent skills.

2. What techniques should be employed when screening résumés?

Demonstrates a deeper understanding of recruitment techniques and hiring requirements.

3. What points should be discussed when conducting a telephonic or online interview?

Demonstrates the candidate’s interviewing skills.

4. Why is it important to maintain the candidate database and track company hires?

Reveals an understanding of HR processes.

5. Can you tell me about a time when you recruited a candidate that is now a valued employee?

Reveals previous work experience and highlights the candidate’s recruitment skills.

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