Java Technical Lead Interview Questions

Java Technical Lead Interview Questions

September 30th, 2019

A Java Technical Lead provides solutions to technical challenges. Java Technical Leads are responsible for meeting development schedules, ensuring that solutions meet technical specifications, and reviewing the work of other team members.

When interviewing Java Technical Leads, the most suitable candidate should demonstrate good insight into anticipating issues and formulating resolutions and remedial actions. Be wary of candidates who lack teamwork skills, and display poor problem-solving skills and underwhelming IT knowledge.

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Interview Questions for Java Technical Leads:

1. Have you implemented significant improvements to an IT infrastructure before? What were they?

Demonstrates working knowledge of IT infrastructure and creative problem-solving skills.

2. How do you debug a program while it is still in use?

Demonstrates insight and knowledge.

3. If you believe one of the developers is better suited to another team, who would you discuss the potential transfer with initially?

Demonstrates knowledge of organizational processes.

4. How do you manage conflict among team members?

Demonstrates conflict resolution skills.

5. What tools do you use to test code quality?

Reveals knowledge of coding and how to test whether it is accurate.

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