Handyman Interview Questions

Handyman Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Handymen are skilled individuals who perform a wide variety of maintenance and repair tasks. These may include minor repairs such as electrical and plumbing fixes, painting, renovating projects, and appliance repairs. A Handyman may work for a company’s maintenance department or be self-employed.

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Handyman Interview Questions:

1. In your experience, what is the most challenging part of being a handyman?

Highlights the candidate’s experience as a handyman.

2. A client needs a maintenance task done in two hours but you know it will take three hours or more. How would you explain this to the client?

Tests the candidate’s communication skills.

3. What factors do you investigate when conducting a performance assessment?

Demonstrates the candidate’s ability to identify repair needs.

4. Can you describe a time when you effectively completed a hard and unexpected maintenance repair on schedule?

Reveals the candidate’s aptitude for problem-solving.

5. How would you keep up-to-date with new equipment and techniques in the industry?

Tests the candidate’s knowledge of the latest repair and maintenance methods.

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