Grant Writer Interview Questions

Grant Writer

May 16th, 2019

Grant Writers apply on behalf of organizations for financial grants offered by government departments and other entities. Ideal candidates have outstanding written communication skills, are organized and have proficient marketing abilities. Avoid incoherent or convoluted writers.

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Grant Writer Interview Questions

1. Are you committed to our mission, and why would you say so?

Listen for the candidate to display evidence of commitment to your organization's mission. Uncommitted candidates will be less effective with reaching funding targets.

2. How would you react if a current grant funder's business activities starts going against our organization's mission?

The answer to this question will—assuming the applicant is deeply committed to your organization’s mission—show their reaction when their beliefs are violated. Their answer will further demonstrate their problem-solving and people skills.

3. What are the qualities of a well-written grant?

The candidate will show their knowledge of grant writing in this answer.

4. Could you give me a list of the worst mistakes to make when writing a grant proposal?

Listen carefully for the applicant to further display their knowledge of grant writing.

5. Do you have the ability to meet deadlines, and why?

A well-written grant proposal amounts to nothing if it is not submitted on time. The prospective hire needs to convince you of their ability to meet deadlines.

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