Director of Development Interview Questions

Director Of Development

May 16th, 2019

A Director of Development secures philanthropic support for an organization. Top candidates will be self-motivated, organized and have outstanding people skills. Avoid disorganized applicants with poor communication skills.

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Director of Development Interview Questions

1. How would you react if a donor questions your integrity based on the monetary value of your private vehicle?

Listen for the prospective hire to display their problem-solving and people skills.

2. Could you give me examples of three of your most successful fundraising events in previous positions?

The candidate's answer will demonstrate their ability to arrange fundraising events for your organization.

3. Which methods do you employ to attract new donors?

The applicant's answer will display their ability to grow your existing network of donors.

4. Are you proficient with using social media as a fundraising tool, and why would you say so?

Listen for the candidate to show their ability to utilize social media to your organization’s advantage.

5. Could you give me a detailed description of how you structured your most successful vision trip?

Listen carefully. The applicant's answer will reveal their organizational skills.

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