Geologist Job Description

Strategist Job Description

July 2nd, 2020

Geologists are earth scientists who research earth processes, study earth materials and analyze the history of earth. They observe how natural processes affect the earth, how the natural environment is affected by the earth’s materials, and aim to understand the chronology of the earth’s materials.

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Geologist Job Description Template

We are looking to hire a Geologist with brilliant research and analytical skills. Geologists should be technical and scientific experts with outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.

To ensure success, Geologists should have a meticulous attention to detail and demonstrate a keen interest in geological, geochemical and geophysical data. Top candidates will have intuitive problem solving skills and display confidence in practical assignments that involve seismic, volcanic, electromagnetic and gravitational activities.

Geologist Responsibilities:

  • Study the relationship between an organization’s projects, and its environmental impact and sustainability.
  • Develop new methods for geological analysis and data collection with the least harmful environmental impact.
  • Analyze geological, geochemical and geophysical data collected by tests and surveys.
  • Manage sampling and reports from apprentice geologists and provide purposeful feedback and recommendations.
  • Measure seismic, volcanic, electromagnetic and gravitational activities.
  • Design topographical and geological maps.
  • Provide geological assessments and advice to governments and construction companies.
  • Learn innovative and modernized methods of geological work by attending workshops and courses.
  • Manage and oversee contractors and their work.
  • Ensure that workers are compliant with health and safety regulations.
  • Responsibly manage budgets for geological projects.
  • Deliver pertinent feedback and insight into work projects to management through regular meetings.
  • Conduct frequent training sessions with staff regarding investigations and data interpretation.

Geologist Requirements:

  • Degree in Geology or Geoscience (essential).
  • 3 years of experience in mining, environmental assessments, land development and/or land remediation.
  • Adaptable to work in various environmental conditions outdoors.
  • Excellent knowledge of geology and geological factors of the specified location.
  • Great technical ability to design mappings of geological data, and use geological databases and software.
  • Superb communication skills to work with management and staff alike.
  • Practical experience in collecting and analyzing geological information such as water, soil and rock data.
  • Comply strictly with safety codes, standards and procedures.
  • Ability to write accurate reports on data collection and analysis.
  • Analytical thinker with strong conceptual and research skills.
  • Intuitive leader who displays accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Abide by all federal, state and local laws related to geological work.

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