Forestry Technician Interview Questions

Forestry Technician Interview Questions 420X320 20190430

May 16th, 2019

Forestry Technicians are also known as foresters and forest workers, and are responsible for protecting and maintaining natural habitats like forests, mountains, and rivers. They work in isolation or with the public to manage and maintain natural resources and campgrounds.

When interviewing Forestry Technician candidates, suitable candidates will present social perception, good persuation skills, and problem solving. Unsuitable candidates will show poor communication skills and will lack iniative and interest in environmental issues.

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Interview Questions for Forestry Technician

1. How would you prepare a site for planting new trees?

Look for candidates who demonstrate up-to-date knowledge of safe clearing practices. Be wary of hesitations and a lack of confidence in answers.

2. Can you describe an experience where you dealt with a difficult camper who was not following fire safety instructions?

Demonstrates problem solving skills as well as good judgment. Look for candidates who show good persuasion. Take note of candidates who cannot answer the question or simply pass over it.

3. What have you found to be the most effective way to gather and log data on animal samples?

Look for candidates who demonstrate scientific and mathematical skills. Be wary of candidates who lack initiative.

4. How do you balance working alone with working with the public?

Look for candidates who demonstrate good interpersonal skills and adaptability. Candidates who show a marked preference for solitude or for company are not ideal.

5. Can you describe a problem in the prevalence of tree species and how you would overcome it?

Demonstrates an interest in environmental issues as well as problem solving skills.

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