Forensic Nurse Interview Questions

Forensic Nurse Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Forensic Nurses are registered health professionals who are trained in medical evidence collection and the criminal justice system. They help investigate crimes like sexual and physical assault, and accidental death.

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Interview Questions for Forensic Nurse

1. What process do you follow when counseling a sexual assault victim?

This question indicates the candidate’s ability to effectively counsel victims.

2. How has your knowledge of the law helped you to identify an intentional injury?

This question illustrates the candidate’s knowledge of the criminal justice system.

3. What procedure do you follow when compiling evidence?

This question will indicate the candidate's ability to collect medical evidence.

4. What is the biggest challenge of appearing in court as an expert witness?

This question indicates the candidate’s ability to serve as an expert witness.

5. How do you deal with a patient where medical evidence suggests self-inflicted injuries?

This indicates the candidate’s ability to solve problems.

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