Electrical Technician Interview Questions

Electrical Technician Interview Questions

July 17th, 2019

Electrical Technicians construct, evaluate, troubleshoot and repair programmable logic controllers and other electrical systems.

When interviewing Electrical Technicians, the ideal candidate will be analytical and resourceful in diagnosing faults and finding solutions. Avoid those who lack problem-solving or critical thinking skills.

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Interview Questions for Electrical Technicians:

1. Can you explain how you use diagrams or blueprints to solve problems?

Shows ability to use technical documents.

2. Can you explain the process you follow when you receive a new device to test?

Demonstrates experience, communication, and job skills.

3. What is the most complex electrical problem you’ve had to solve? How did you handle it?

Shows troubleshooting ability.

4. Can you describe how you have utilized technology in your work? Which devices and programs are you familiar with?

Tests technical skills.

5. Can you explain how you go about repairing a device when you do not have spares available?

Tests problem-solving skills and the ability to fabricate parts.

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