ED Tech Interview Questions

ED Tech

May 16th, 2019

ED Techs are emergency room personnel who perform basic patient care procedures, such as cleaning and dressing wounds. Ideal candidates are affable, physically strong and dexterous. Avoid sullen, lethargic candidates.

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ED Tech Interview Questions

1. Are you physically strong, and why would you say so?

ED Techs move and position patients for personnel to perform medical procedures. The applicant needs to convince you of their physical strength.

2. How do you preserve the dignity of patients when assisting them to change into hospital clothes?

An ED Tech helps patients with diverse personalities and cultural beliefs to change into hospital gowns. The candidate needs to display sensitivity to this aspect of the position.

3. How do you reassure distressed patients?

In the course of their work, ED Techs may encounter patients who are traumatized by their medical conditions, or by the prospect of medical procedures and treatments. The potential hire needs to show their people skills in this answer.

4. Could you recall instances from past experience where you served as an effective point of contact?

The prospective hire needs to demonstrate the ability to be a proficient point of contact between various parties in an emergency department.

5. Could you give me examples from previous positions where you prioritized your duties prudently?

Listen carefully for the candidate to reveal this ability. At times an ED Tech needs to perform a number of urgent tasks simultaneously.

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