Career Counselor Interview Questions

Career Counselor Interview Questions

September 30th, 2019

Career Counselors support those wishing to secure gainful, fulfilling work at some stage. Consultations typically center around pinpointing employment-related interests and opportunities based on clients' specific interests.

When interviewing Career Counselors, suitable candidates should display thorough insight into employment-related trends. Avoid uncaring and haphazard individuals.

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Interview Questions for Career Counselors:

1. Which aptitude tests do you often use?

Reviews the suitability of chosen tests based on contextual factors.

2. How would you guide someone who felt constrained by their family's wishes?

Examines the potential to counsel clients with due consideration for volition and dependence on others.

3. What would you do to assist a student who had failed important classes?

Assesses adaptability, plus remedial and appropriate referral skills.

4. How would you assist an established individual wishing to switch professions?

Evaluates the potential to tailor counseling and to facilitate the pursuit of fairly uncommon endeavors.

5. Where could clients source additional support once they eventually secure work?

Illustrates knowledge about meaningful career-related resources.

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