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Boilermaker Job Description Template

We are looking for a boilermaker to be responsible for constructing, assembling, and installing boilers. The responsibilities of a boilermaker include casting and shaping pieces, testing complete boilers, and upgrading boilers to match environmental standards.

To be successful as a boilermaker, you should be proficient in welding skills, be physically fit, and demonstrate good reading comprehension. Ultimately, a top-notch boilermaker should have the ability to detect and fix problems, excellent mechanical skills, and be able to work in tanks at any height.

Boilermaker Responsibilities:

  • Installing boilers into facilities.
  • Reading blueprints for location, position, and dimensions.
  • Completing maintenance documentation.
  • Organizing and assembling boiling parts.
  • Shaping and fabricating parts.
  • Cleaning pressure vessel equipment.
  • Inspecting equipment for proper functioning.

Boilermaker Requirements:

  • Technical and vocational education and training qualification.
  • Apprentice training.
  • Good mechanical aptitude.
  • Excellent reading comprehension.
  • Physical stamina.

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