Boilermaker Interview Question

Boilermaker Interview Questions

October 12th, 2019

Boilermakers construct, install, and maintain boilers. Boilermakers align structures, assist in assembling vessels, and inspect boilers for repairs.

When interviewing Boilermakers, the most suitable candidate should be physically fit, have excellent coordination, and possess welding skills. Be wary of candidates with poor manual dexterity, technical skills, and reading comprehension.

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Interview Questions for Boilermakers:

1. How comfortable are you with heights?

Reveals ability to work in vats or boilers, and tanks at any height.

2. What is the importance of lockout tagout?

Reveals technical knowledge and level of skill.

3. How do you keep track of tasks to ensure that it is completed on time?

Demonstrates organizational skills.

4. Are you familiar with a high-pressure steam chart?

Demonstrates reading comprehension skills and the ability to identify indications.

5. Do you have experience with welding?

Reveals ability and skill in welding. Also, formal training or education in welding.

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