Benefits Coordinator Interview Questions

Benefits Coordinator Interview Questions

May 26th, 2019

Benefits Coordinators oversee the employee benefits provided by an organization, including retirement savings and medical insurance contributions. They are also known as Benefits Specialists.

When interviewing Benefits Coordinator candidates, look for individuals who demonstrate an excellent understanding of the various benefits a company could offer. Be wary of candidates with poor interpersonal skills, as this role requires a lot of interaction with employees.

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Interview Questions for Benefits Coordinators:

1. Could you explain what a 401(k) is and how it works?

Tests the candidate's knowledge of a pension fund account and how the employee and company contribute to it.

2. How would you go about explaining the company's benefits structure to employees?

Tests whether the candidate can develop a plan to educate employees.

3. What are some important laws or regulations for benefits that a company should abide by?

Tests the candidate's knowledge of regulatory and legal information relating to their role.

4. What payroll software have you had experience with?

Tests the candidate's ability to work with your company's payroll software.

5. Have you ever made a change to improve a company's benefits structure?

Tests the candidate's ability to solve problems and implement new strategies.

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