Basketball Coach Interview Questions

Basketball Coach Interview Questions

October 16th, 2019

A Basketball Coach develops and instructs basketball players during practice and games. Basketball Coaches are responsible for creating a team, training players and assistants, motivating players, and teaching them the rules of the game.

When interviewing Basketball Coaches, the most suitable candidate should demonstrate a good understanding of the game, an ability to motivate players, and possess attention to detail. Avoid candidates who are in poor physical condition, lack leadership skills, and struggle with decision-making while under pressure.

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Interview Questions for Basketball Coaches:

1. What is your philosophy of coaching?

Reveals candidates' understanding of the position.

2. How do you deal with discipline issues and repeat offenses?

Demonstrates problem-solving skills.

3. How do you handle the tryout and rejection process?

Demonstrates ability to manage the tryout, recruiting, and rejection process.

4. What is the organization of your bench area during games?

Reveals how the candidate organizes the team players on the bench.

5. What would you teach your players besides basketball? How would you do this?

Demonstrates ability to mentor and motivate players.

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