Application Developer Interview Questions

Application Developer Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Application Developers are responsible for creating and modifying source code for computer software applications. Application Developers are also known as Software Developers and Software Architects.

When interviewing Application Developers, look for candidates who demonstrate sound working knowledge of computer programming languages, as well as programming skills. Take note of candidates who demonstrate poor technical and mathematical skills.

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Interview Questions for Application Developers:

1. What have you found to be the best programming language to use when developing new applications?

Demonstrates candidates' knowledge of programming languages and processes.

2. Is there an application that irritates you? How would you fix it?

Look for candidates who demonstrate creative thinking as well as problem-solving skills. Take note of candidates who demonstrate a lack of programming knowledge and technical skills.

3. What do you do to minimize security risks?

Demonstrates candidates' programming knowledge and analytical skills.

4. How would you stop an application from crashing?

Look for candidates who demonstrate good working knowledge of programming principles.

5. Please explain how you balance client demands with application software development?

Look for candidates who demonstrate interpersonal and teamworking skills. Take note of candidates who sideline client needs to focus solely on application development.

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