Welder Helper Interview Questions

Welder Helper

May 16th, 2019

Welder Helpers maintain tools, equipment and materials to support welders. Preferred candidates are detail-oriented, dexterous and organized. Avoid negative, lethargic applicants.

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Welder Helper Interview Questions

1. Could you give examples from your previous position where you demonstrated the ability to be safety-minded?

It is crucial for a Welder Helper to value the importance of safety protocols. The potential hire needs to convince you in their answer they have this attribute.

2. Are you a people person, and why would you say so?

Welder Helpers work as members of a team. The applicant needs to show they have proficient people skills.

3. Would you say you are physically fit, and why?

Listen for the candidate to demonstrate their physical attributes and skills in this answer.

4. Could you tell me about your organizational abilities?

A Welder Helper can only be effective if they maintain an organized work environment, therefore it is essential for the prospective hire to share this skill.

5. How do you remain positive and productive when you work extended hours for prolonged periods?

The potential hire will show their coping skills in the answer to this question.

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