Online English Teacher Interview Questions

Online English Teacher Interview Questions

July 22nd, 2019

Online English Teachers prepare and deliver virtual lessons aimed at improving the reading, writing, and conversing skills of students.

When interviewing Online English Teachers, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate excellent verbal and interpersonal skills. Be wary of candidates who are disorganized, impatient, and inflexible.

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Interview Questions for Online English Teachers:

1. Can you describe your approach to teaching?

Highlights knowledge of best teaching practices.

2. How would you prepare for multiple lessons within a short time frame?

Assesses organizational skills.

3. What would you do if you noticed that a student was absent quite often?

Tests interpersonal skills and commitment to teaching.

4. How would you manage an uncooperative student?

Highlights problem-solving and interpersonal skills.

5. What materials do you need to conduct lessons?

Demonstrates technical skills.

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