Marketing Associate Interview Questions

Marketing Associate Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Known also as marketing administrative assistants or assistant account executives, marketing associates support marketing departments by handling day-to-day administrative tasks, and facilitating the work of marketing managers and account executives.

When interviewing marketing associates, suitable candidates will communicate easily, display a broad knowledge of industry trends, and seem eager to start. Ill-suited candidates will not understand basic industry jargon.

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Interview Questions for Marketing Associates

1. How would you kick off a social media campaign for a new product?

Tests knowledge, insight and creativity.

2. What has been the most difficult advertising project you've worked on?

Shows experience and problem-solving skills.

3. Which of the big brand campaigns running today do you think is most successful?

Tests insight into industry and industry awareness.

4. In your view, how do people discover brands?

Shows insight.

5. How do you approach delivering bad news to your superiors?

Tests communication skills and reliability.

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