HR Business Partner Interview Questions

HR Business Partner Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Also known as Directors of HR Engagement, HR Business Partners are tasked with overseeing HR functions, preparing HR metrics, creating reports, improving performance, handling staff conflict, hiring the best employees, and managing compensation and perks.

The ideal candidate for this role should have good communication skills, a good knowledge of regulations and labor laws, and good organizational skills. Be wary of candidates with poor communication skills, poor knowledge of business functions, and poor interpersonal skills.

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HR Business Partner Interview Questions

1. What do you look for when recruiting a candidate?

Look for candidates that look for a good balance of educational qualifications and work experience. Candidates should also demonstrate an understanding of policies such as affirmative action.

2. How do you promote diversity in the workplace?

Look for candidates that demonstrate an understanding and sensitivity to culture, religion, and sexual orientation issues. Candidates should also demonstrate a strong grasp of laws and regulations.

# 3. How do you convince management to go with a candidate they are not convinced is the right fit?

Look for candidates with good motivational skills, strategic thinking skills, and are results-oriented.

4. How would you balance business objectives with HR initiatives?

Look for candidates that would recruit individuals that possess a good balance of educational qualifications, work experience, demeanor, and personality. Candidates should also demonstrate an understanding of policies, and should also match the right recruit with the right responsibilities.

5. How do you ensure that candidates fit the role?

Look for candidates that have a clear understanding of business objectives and can improve efficiency and productivity.

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