Estimator Interview Questions

Estimator Interview Questions

The role of an Estimator is to prepare accurate cost estimate reports for products and services by analyzing a company’s data and requirements. These highly-analytical professionals’ duties include performing regular risk assessments, monitoring budgets, and collecting quotations from suppliers.

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Estimator Interview Questions:

1. What important metrics do you analyze before preparing an estimate report?

Tests the candidate’s knowledge of creating accurate estimate reports.

2. Can you describe your estimating process?

Highlights the candidate’s experience and verbal communication skills.

3. In your opinion, what is the best estimating software and why?

Demonstrates the candidate’s experience with the relevant software.

4. You have to present your estimate report to management. How would you ensure everyone understands your complex report?

Tests the candidate’s presentation and communication skills.

5. A project is not going according to a forecast plan. How do you handle this situation?

Reveals the candidate’s problem-solving skills.

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