July 25th, 2019

WattElectricalNews is an online news outlet for people who work in Australia's energy sector. The WattElectricalNews website includes job listings in electrical-related jobs across Australia.

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How to Post a Job on WattElectricalNews:

  1. Click "Are you an employer?" on the homepage.
  2. Sign in or register for an account.
  3. In your account, click "Post Job."
  4. Enter all the job information.
  5. Pay for your ad.
  6. Review and post.

Key Information:


Ray Pavri


Forestville, Australia


Ray Pavri

Phone Number

61 (1300) 353-364


13 Waterfall Avenue, Forestville, New South Wales, 2087




How can I edit a WattElectricalNews job posting?

You can edit your WattElectricalNews job postings by opening them within your account and making changes to the fields in the posting form. Save your changes to update the posting.

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How can I delete a WattElectricalNews job posting?

You can delete a posting from the website by selecting it from your list of active jobs and clicking "delete."

See our guide to WattElectricalNews.

How do I create a WattElectricalNews account?

To create an account where you can manage WattElectricalNews job postings, call 1 (300) 353 364 and ask to register an employer account.

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How many people use WattElectricalNews?

WattElectricalNews claims to have over 80,000 subscribers visiting regularly.

For more information on WattElectricalNews, see our detailed guide.

What are some WattElectricalNews alternatives?