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EngineerJobs.com has partnered with Indeed, allowing employers to post jobs for free. You can choose to boost your job listing's visibility by sponsoring a post according to your daily budget.


EngineerJobs.com is a niche job board with a simple design. While it offers a dedicated U.K. site, it does not differ much from the U.S./Canada site except in showing only U.K. results in a job search. All other features match those offered by the U.S./Canada site, with no additional features that would benefit a U.K. employer in particular.


  • The platform features free and sponsored job postings through Indeed.
  • Employers can post engineering internships, entry-level, and senior positions.
  • Employees can search for jobs by discipline, state or province, and position.
  • EngineerJobs.com is affordable compared to sites like Engineering Jobs and The Engineer Jobs.
  • The platform offers an engineering "magazine" with industry tips, news, and new discoveries.


  • The platform lacks a candidate resume database.
  • There is no applicant tracking software.
  • The simple website design doesn't offer a lot of information.
  • The engineering "magazine" does not focus on U.K. industry news.


We were unable to find customer reviews for Engineerjobs.com.

How to Post a Job on EngineerJobs.com:

£0.00 GBP
5 Minutes
How to Post a Job on EngineerJobs.com:

Four easy steps for posting a job on EngineerJobs.com.


Posting a job on EngineerJobs.com.


Go to uk.engineerjobs.com.

Go to uk.engineerjobs.com.

Navigate to the EngineerJobs.com U.K. home page.


Click on "Hire Engineers."

Click on "Hire Engineers."

In the top-right corner, click on "Hire Engineers." Then, read through your job posting options.


Click on "Post Free Job on Indeed."

Click on "Post Free Job on Indeed."

Click on the "Post Free Job on Indeed" button highlighted in blue.


Create an account.

Create an account.

Add your email address to the online form and click on "Continue." Alternatively, click on one of the social links to sign up with your preferred social media account. On the next page, create a password and check the hCAPTCHA box. Then, click on "Create account."


Complete the online form.

Complete the online form.

Complete the online job posting form with your company name, job details, location, and the number of hires needed, and click on "Continue."


Enter your account information.

Enter your account information.

On the next page, enter your name, phone number, and company information, then click on "Continue."


Fill in your job details.

Fill in your job details.

You will now be prompted to furnish information on the job you want to post. Select the appropriate options to enter your job details, salary information, application settings, and job description. Click on "Continue" once you have completed all the required sections.


Add skills assessment tests.

Add skills assessment tests.

The next step is an optional step where employers can add pre-screening questions and short skills assessment tests. If you don't want to add any pre-screening assessments, simply click on "Continue."


Preview your job post.

Preview your job post.

In this step, you can preview your post and edit the different sections if you need to. Click on "Continue" when you are ready.


Choose whether to sponsor your job.

Choose whether to sponsor your job.

In this final step, you can select a daily budget in order to sponsor your job ad. Either click on "Don't optimize my job" or "Save and continue" to post your job ad.

EngineerJobs.com vs. Engineering Jobs:

Engineering Jobs is a niche site that caters to the U.K. only. Unlike EngineerJobs.com, Engineering Jobs offers a resume database and career advice that is aimed at the U.K. workforce. However, EngineerJobs.com is the cheaper option with its free job posting compared to Engineering Jobs which starts at £75.00 +VAT per post.

EngineerJobs.com vs. Just Engineers:

Just Engineers is a U.K. job board that also offers employers the option to recruit internationally, similar to EngineerJobs.com. However, EngineerJobs.com is free, whereas Just Engineer's pricing starts from £89.00 +VAT per post for new users. Just Engineers does have a resume database, which EngineerJobs.com lacks.

EngineerJobs.com vs. The Engineer Jobs:

The Engineer Jobs is the career page for The Engineer, an established media brand in U.K. engineering. Unlike EngineerJobs.com, The Engineer Jobs features a candidate database and U.K. industry news. It also offers a student site with job information for recent graduates. However, it is far more expensive at £500.00 for a single job post.

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Jan 01, 1996

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How do I create an EngineerJobs.com account?

Visit EngineerJobs.com, click on "Hire Engineers," and follow the prompts to create an Indeed account.

How can I edit a job on EngineerJobs.com?

  1. Log in to your Indeed account.
  2. Go to your dashboard.
  3. Open the "Actions" drop-down menu to the right of the job title you want to edit.
  4. Select "Edit job."

How can I delete a job on EngineerJobs.com?

  1. Log in to your Indeed account.
  2. Go to your dashboard.
  3. Select the "Job Status" drop-down menu to the right of the job title you want to delete
  4. Change the status to "Closed."

How do I find the best engineers on EngineerJobs.com?

Make sure that your job posting includes all the important information, such as the scope of the internship, location, how long the internship is for, and compensation.

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