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Pricing information for Constructor.co.uk is not readily available on their website. For more information, contact the company.


Constructor.co.uk is a job board for the U.K.-based construction industry. While it makes use of ZipRecruiter's job board as the basis for its own, Constructor.co.uk doesn't offer any of the recruitment services that ZipRecruiter does, such as online posting and candidate matching features.

No pricing information is available on Constructor.co.uk, and it is not clear how long job posts are active for. The site also does not share job posts on any social media channels.


  • The website is a niche job board for the construction industry in the U.K.
  • Job ads are geographically categorized.
  • The site has a special section for quantity surveyors.
  • The platform offers links to partner sites, such as BuildingServicesJobs.co.uk and ArchitectureJobs.co.uk.
  • Job alerts are sent to candidates via email.


  • Pricing information is not readily available on the site.
  • Posting instructions are not provided and employers need to contact the company to advertise a vacancy.
  • It is not clear how long job posts remain active.
  • Job postings are not shared on any social media sites.


We were unable to find reviews of Constructor.co.uk's job posting services.

How to Post a Job on Constructor.co.uk:

No instructions for posting a job on Constructor.co.uk are provided online. Employers interested in placing a vacancy on the site can contact the company for more information.

Constructor.co.uk vs. Construction Job Board:

Both Construction Job Board and Constructor.co.uk cater to the U.K.'s construction industry. Construction Job Board offers hiring services, including targeted advertising and account management, that Constructor.co.uk lacks. Construction Job Board posts are active for 30 days, while Constructor.co.uk. doesn't provide a timeframe.

Constructor.co.uk vs. Jobsite:

Jobsite is a popular U.K. job board that allows users to post general vacancies. In comparison, Constructor.co.uk offers employers a more targeted approach to finding construction workers. While users need to contact Constructor.co.uk for pricing, Jobsite charges £89.00 +VAT for a new customer ad.

Constructor.co.uk vs. CareerStructure:

Both CareerStructure and Constructor.co.uk are niche job boards for the U.K.'s construction industry. While Constructor.co.uk is only available in the U.K., CareerStructure is available internationally. The latter features a CV database of approximately 680,000 construction professionals — a feature that Constructor.co.uk lacks.

Key Information

Legal Name

Constructor Technology Ltd.


45 Stafford Rd., Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 1UB


01323 89 99 66




What is Constructor.co.uk?

Constructor.co.uk is a niche job board for employers in the construction industry in the U.K. The platform offers a convenient way for employers to find maintenance staff, construction workers, machine operators, engineers, and more.

What does it cost to post a job ad on Constructor.co.uk?

Pricing information is not readily available on Constructor.co.uk. For a quote, email the administrators.

Do I need an account to post on Constructor.co.uk?

It is not clear if you need to register an account with Constructor.co.uk before you can post a vacancy. For more information, contact the company.

How do I delete a post from Constructor.co.uk?

No information is provided online on amending or deleting a job post from Constructor.co.uk. For more information, contact the company.

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