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Trades Hub does not make their pricing readily available on their website. Interested users should contact the company to obtain more information.


Trades Hub is an online platform that focuses on trades and artisanal career assistance for young professionals in Minnesota. Through the platform, job seekers and employers can find resources such as articles, scholarships, and training programs in their area.

The site is primarily aimed at Generation Z job seekers who are looking for work opportunities in trades such as machining, manufacturing, installations, construction, retail, and other blue-collar professions. They offer a simple approach for businesses to find, hire, and retain entry-level job seekers.


  • The site provides a host of resources, such as training programs, scholarship opportunities, and informative articles for job seekers and businesses.
  • Employers can include in-depth details about their job openings, such as descriptions and benefits along with a short company profile, in job postings.
  • The site is run and supported by BridgeWorks, an experienced recruitment and hiring company.
  • They offer businesses assistance in finding trainees for programs and internships.
  • The site has a network of schools, businesses, and value-added partnerships that employers can use to expand their reach within a targeted audience.


  • They only accept job posts from companies based in Minnesota.
  • There is no online option to post a job opportunity directly to the board.
  • Prices aren't readily available on their site.


We were unable to find any online reviews of Trades Hub's job board.

How to Post a Job on Trades Hub:

Employers need to contact Trades Hub to post positions to their job board.

Trades Hub vs. USAJOBS:

USAJOBS is the official U.S. federal government job posting site that sometimes posts relevant manufacturing and trade positions to their job board. They offer this service for free, but most positions require a certain level of experience and skills. In contrast, Trades Hub is focused on entry-level job seekers in Minnesota.

Trades Hub vs. Indeed:

Indeed is a general job posting site that offers both paid and free job posting. The general nature of this board may mean that many trade jobs will go unnoticed by their national viewership. Manufacturing and blue-collar employers in Minnesota may be better off using a state and industry-specific job board such as Trades Hub.

Trades Hub vs. iHireManufacturing:

iHireManufacturing charges employers $299.00 per month to post job opportunities. While Trades Hub doesn't disclose their pricing online, they do offer a host of resources for employers to use in their recruitment journey. Trades Hub is run by a Minnesota recruitment firm, which offers specialist recruitment assistance for companies in the state.

Key Information

Legal Name


Founding Date

Jan 01, 1997




1 (612) 860-9411




What is Trades Hub?

Trades Hub is a Minnesota-based recruitment and job initiative that focuses on bridging the generational divide between blue-collar work and Generation Z. Through their partner network, they offer training, work opportunities, and scholarships to school leavers and entry-level job seekers looking to enter a trade.

What does it cost to post a job on Trades Hub?

Trades Hub doesn't disclose pricing on their website. Interested users should phone or email the company to find out what they charge for job posting services.

How do I create an account on Trades Hub?

You can't create an account on Trades Hub; you can, however, reach out to them through their web contact form if you are an employer looking to recruit job seekers or fill trade positions in Minnesota.

How do I delete a job post on Trades Hub?

Employers will have to contact Trades Hub to edit or remove a job posting.

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