The Top 7 HR Conferences for 2020

The Top 7 HR Conferences For 2020

November 20th, 2020

Every year, hundreds of human resources (HR) conferences take place around the country to tackle the biggest challenges faced by HR professionals.

Human resources is one of the most important aspects of a business as it is responsible for attracting talent, recruitment and training, and onboarding new employees.

Below, we list the top ten HR conferences across the United States to attend this year.

Best HR Conferences to Attend in 2020:

HR Conference



2020 SHRM Talent Conference & Exposition Virtual Experience

April 20 - 22

$1,400.00 - $1,740.00

2020 Inclusive Diversity Virtual Conference

April 26 - 27


2020 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference - MA

June 22 - 24

$795.00 - $1,995.00

2020 Employee Engagement Conference - IL

July 27-29

$695.00 - $1,795.00

2020 Talent Success Conference - CO

September 22 - 23

$795.00 - $818.00

2020 HR Technology Conference & Exposition - Las Vegas, NV

October 13 - 16

$1,745.00 - $2,245.00

2020 HR Comply - FL

November 9 - 11

$999.00 - $1,399.00


How much does it cost to attend an HR conference?

The cost to attend an HR conference ranges between $300.00 and $3,000.00 per company, depending on the number of attendees and whether or not you have requested certification.

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What are HR conferences all about?

HR conferences focus on different facets of human resources, from talent acquisition to using the best technology (HRMS) to further your company's goals. An HR conference usually takes place over two to four days at a hotel. Each conference has an agenda and keynote speakers who have achieved success in the industry.

There are also workshops where you will get to explore proven strategic approaches and have the opportunity to network with your peers and industry experts.

What are the benefits of attending an HR conference?

When you attend an HR Conference, aside from networking, you will learn about the latest trends and best practices in human resource management, obtain actionable insights, and share ideas and research to help your organization reach its goals.

How do I decide which HR conference to attend?

This depends on your company's human resource needs. The knowledge that you gain at an HR conference will help you to improve your HR strategy and achieve your company's goals.