The Top 10 Tenant Screening Services for 2019

The Top 10 Tenant Screening Services

Tenant screening services are services used by landlords and property managers to determine whether or not a person is able to afford the rent for an apartment or house. A tenant screening service typically consists of a background check, previous rental history, income and employment verification, and a credit report.

Best Tenant Screening Services:


Tenant Screening Service

Pricing Option


My Smart Move

From $25.00


Rent Prep

From $18.95



From $12.00


National Tenant Network

From $6.00



From $19.99


Experian Connect

From $14.95



From $24.99



From $29.95


Tenant Alert

From $24.95



From $35.00


What is the price range of tenant screening services?

Tenant screening services range between $6.00 and $50.00, depending on how detailed you need the report to be. All-inclusive packages typically cost more.

What is included in a tenant screening report?

Tenant screening reports consist of a criminal background check or tenant background check, a credit report, eviction history, employment verification, address history, and any bankruptcies or judgment and liens.

The Top 10 Tenant Screening Services
Best Tenant Screening Services for Landlords:
  • LeaseRunner.
  • MyRental.
  • Cozy.
  • Experian Connect.
  • Tenant Alert.

Yes. In order to run a credit check on a tenant, the tenant will first have to consent to the release of their credit report. The tenant screening service will send each applicant an email containing a link to a credit bureau where they can authorize the release of their credit report.

Will a prospective tenant's credit score be affected if I run a rental credit check?

No, because the tenant has authorized the release of their own credit report, known as a "soft pull," their credit score will not be affected.

The Top 10 Tenant Screening Services
Best Online Tenant Screening Services:
  • Rent Prep.
  • National Tenant Network.
  • My Smart Move.
  • ScreeningWorks.
  • TurboTenant.

What do I need to complete tenant screening?

In many cases, you will only need the prospective tenant's name, email, and address. Basic packages require you to provide the tenant's full name, address, date of birth, and social security number.

What is required of the applicant during tenant screening?

Once you apply for a tenant screening report, the tenant will be emailed a link to complete the process online. The report will then be sent to the landlord once the screening has been completed.

Can the prospective tenant pay for the screening?

This is up to you. Some landlords do ask their prospective tenants to pay for screening reports.