June 14th, 2019

RentPrep is a community-driven tenant screening service for property owners that offers background checks, credit checks, and more screening services.


RentPrep's price starts at $18.95. They also have an Enterprise Solutions package for a custom quote.

Key Information:


Stephen Michael White




West Seneca, NY


Stephen Michael White

Number of Employees

2-10 employees


4534 Clinton St. Ste. 2, West Seneca, NY 14224

Phone Number

+1 (888) 877-8501


Customer Reviews:



Perez Lianne -

I have been using for several years and highly recommend RentPrep for tenant screening. They run criminal/eviction checks and call landlord and employer references.

RecoveredDebtaholic -

I highly recommend a screening service like rentprep, it'll cost you about 20 bucks but you get a pretty in depth background check and the tenant need not be informed or even aware that you've checked their history. I've used them twice and the depth of information provided was a bit shocking.

excelphysicslab -

I've been using RentPrep and a local screening company. Local companies are better at finding problems but RentPrep is faster. I usually use RentPrep when I'm pretty comfortable with the applicant and run it just in case something significant pops up.

galendiettinger -

I use RentPrep, they're quick, accurate and use humans to run the check, that you can actually speak with if you need to.

Jay____ -

It is cheap, easy and gets me the level info on tenants that I want.


What is RentPrep?

It's a community-driven tenant screening service. Aside from the typical background and credit checks, it also offers membership to a nearly 10,000 member Facebook group of fellow landlords, property managers, and investors.

What alternatives are there to RentPrep?

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