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Last updated December 5th, 2017

Recruitee is a software company that offers a kanban-style applicant tracking system with features that include job posting to multiple boards, a sourcing tool, and careers page.

Recruitee Key Information Table:

Founders Perry Oostdam and Pawel Smoczyk
Founded 2015
Headquarters Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
CEO Perry Oostdam
Number of Employees 26
Number of Customers 2,000
Phone Number (888) 272-3709
Address Johan Huizingalaan 763A, 1066VH, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Reviews of Recruitee:

Company Name Rating Review
LevelUp Ventures 5 The overview, the possibilities for collaboration (internal and external) and the great customer service.
Nurses eaRN It Medical Staffing Group 2 For Americans this isn't the best bet as they are in Europe on pretty much an opposite time zone. Also is not good for recruiting teams, staffing agencies, and the like as they aren't really capable of supporting a mass amount of jobs without some negotiation. 5 Total Management of Recruiting process, across all channels.
i2x GmbH 5 It's easy, so so so easy. It's not that expensive. They have clever tools that I didn't know I wanted until I saw them, like the ability to source applicants you look at with a chrome extension, a dummy proof careers page that is customizable, an internal kanban board, the ability to share with people who don't want to login to anything.
Ekleft 4 I liked its user-friendly interface, great team working 24 hours, ready to give advice, to answer any questions.
INNITI 5 Just loved it, it's awesome, and I can see there is a lot of effort put on the ATS. Also, the contact from support was amazing, she is motivated to understand my needs. I think that the type of subscription also makes a lot of sense for my company.
Virtuagym 4 User-friendly, easy to get up and running, clear dashboard, amazing support team with a good sense of humor. Way better than some more 'well-known' ATS. They really focus on making the product, but stay at super reasonable and affordable prices.
Scalability Solutions LLC 4 I spent days evaluating 30+ ATS's via trials / demos etc. (and looking at hundreds overall). This was the ONLY one that had what I needed. I work very collaboratively with my clients and want to be able to let them into my platform.
Greenpeace 5 Streamlined our recruitment process with the minimum of fuss, so we can now focus on what's important: finding great candidates. Their subscriptions are great value for money compared with other providers, and the user interface is streets ahead when it comes to clarity and ease of use.
Alexandria Yellow Cab 5 We used to track our candidates with pencil and paper a very old school routine now we have a elite software that tracks and organizes our recruiting.

Recruitee Pricing:

Plan Name Price Number Active Jobs
Professional $79/mo. 4
Expert $149/mo. 9
Corporate $299/mo. 20
Enterprise Contact for pricing. 20+

Recruitee FAQs:

Where can I find the Recruitee login for employers?

From the home page look in the top right corner, and you'll see Sign In just to the left of the Sign Up Now button. You can also go to

Is there a Recruitee API?

Yes, they do have a public API if you're interested in a deeper Recruitee integration with your site.

How do I get in touch with Recruitee support?

You can get Recruitee help by going to the home page and clicking the Need Help? tab in the bottom right corner. You can also try the Recruitee contact number at (888) 272-3709.

Is the Recruitee app good for small businesses?

They have a range of plans, features, and prices that should be suitable for a small business, but if you're not sure, check out their free trial and see if it solves your company's hiring problems.