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$75.00 /post.

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10 Pack Urgent Job Postings


*PHP Classes also offers premium subscription plans starting at $15.00.


PHP Classes offers a niche site for PHP developers to network and discuss PHP problems. While it does feature a job board with multiple job posting options, the site does not provide enough information on its features and benefits for employers. The site seems more geared towards professional PHP developers than employers.


  • There are free postings, and different pricing for employers and recruiters.
  • Pricing options are affordable when compared to sites such as We Work Remotely.
  • The platform features a directory of PHP professionals for employers to browse.
  • The platform includes a specialists forum where professionals can post questions and discuss difficult PHP problems.
  • Users can view site traffic statistics.
  • Users can view various classes to improve their skills.


  • The site displays third-party advertising.
  • The site lacks information on employer benefits.
  • Free postings are delayed by 23 days.
  • There are no applicant tracking tools.
  • There is no social media sharing.
  • There is no exposure on other job sites.
  • Traffic to the site is minimal, with only 9.15% of overall visitors coming from the U.S.


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How to Post a Job on PHP Classes:

$60.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on PHP Classes:

Four easy steps for posting a job on PHP Classes.


Posting a job on PHP Classes.


Create an account.

Create an account.

Click "Register" on the topmost banner of the PHP Classes home page to create a new account. You can register a new account with your email address or log in with your Facebook, Gmail, MS Hotmail, or StackOverflow account.

To complete the registration process, click "Register Now."

Enter your full name, user name, and email address.

Complete the security check and click "Register."

You will be sent an email to set up a password.


Click "Remote PHP Job."

Click "Remote PHP Job."

Once you've logged in to your account, click the "Remote PHP Jobs" link next to the briefcase icon.


Click "Post your PHP jobs."

Click "Post your PHP jobs."

Below the heading "Hire Remote PHP Developers," click on "Post your PHP jobs."


Create and post your job ad.

Create and post your job ad.

To create your job ad, complete the sections in each tab below the heading "Post job."

Enter the information about the job, your company, and the skills you are looking for.

Provide instructions on how to apply for the job.

In the last tab called "Announcement," select the type of posting you want.

Click "Post" once you have completed all the sections.

If you selected a paid posting option, you will need to make the payment before your post is published.

PHP Classes vs. Toptal:

Both PHP Classes and Toptal are niche job boards for the tech industry, but they work differently. PHP Classes allows employers to post jobs for a set price on their job board while Toptal uses candidate matching to suggest suitable candidates for an employer's job. Toptal's pricing varies as it is set by the freelancers and can be quite expensive.

PHP Classes vs. TechFetch:

Both PHP Classes and TechFetch are dedicated platforms for the tech industry, each providing a range of resources for professionals and featuring a niche job board. Unlike PHP Classes, TechFetch does not offer a free posting option, but they do offer a 7-day free trial.

PHP Classes vs. We Work Remotely:

We Work Remotely is a general job posting site compared to PHP Classes, which caters to PHP developers and other tech personnel. At $299.00 per post, We Work Remotely is far more expensive than PHP Classes, which offers both free and paid plans. However, We Work Remotely manually prioritizes applicant batches for the employer.

Key Information

Legal Name


Founding Date

Jan 01, 2005


Sao Paulo, Brazil






How do I create a PHP Classes account?

To create an account, go to phpclasses.org and click "Register" at the top of the page.

How can I edit a PHP Classes job posting?

You can edit your job postings by signing into your online account. Locate the posting in your list of jobs and open it to make changes.

How can I delete a PHP Classes job posting?

To remove a posting, simply click the delete icon beside the job title.

How can I find good employees on PHP Classes?

Use a job posting template to write a clear job description. This will help you attract the best candidates for your position.

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