July 29th, 2019

PeopleMatter is workforce management software for companies that employ hourly workers. Its software suite includes an applicant tracking system and onboarding, training, and scheduling tools. PeopleMatter was acquired by Snagajob in June 2016.

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PeopleMatter Go


One promoted slot on Snagajob's job board, applicant list and basic filtering, employee roster management, online scheduling and posting.

PeopleMatter Pro

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Job postings on Snagajob, mobile job application and custom questions, advanced ATS, basic assessments and background checks, free employer mobile app, integrated I-9/E-Verify, tax credit processing/screening, mobile document upload/storage, W-4/state tax forms and e-signatures, automatic activity tracking, free mobile app (manager and worker), real-time communications and alerts, centralized management and reporting, support for applicants, managers and admins, easy self-configuration and updates, pro rollout package.

PeopleMatter Enterprise

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Pro features with salaried recruiting and requisitions, custom application workflows and questions, background checks and drug screening, personality, cognitive and attitude assessments, custom careers site, custom onboarding and fillable forms, custom manager and employee task checklists, configurable roles and rights, pay rates and ranges, HR protected classes/EEOC compliance, free payroll Integration to select vendors, multi-brand/concept management, HRIS/payroll integrations, Enterprise rollout package.


Pros: Extensive features. Good customer support options.

Cons: Costly for startups.

Bottomline: Versatile software suite that includes an applicant tracking system and onboarding, training, and scheduling tools to assist you with your recruitment needs.

Key Information:


Nate DaPore




Charleston, South Carolina


George Mackie

Number of Employees


Number of Customers


Phone Number

(877) 354-2266


466 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403



Company Name



Humboldt Petroleum


We use PeopleMatter for all of our hiring and on-boarding. It has been a huge help for me. We have 250 employees and I go through 14 employees every two weeks. I love that PeopleMatter is always evolving. They have quarterly updates and they do listen to their clients and their needs.

Jones Company


PeopleMatter is used by our company to locate prospective associates; hire them using the onboarding process instead of costly hire packets, and then to provide online learning.

Western Sizzlin


The product has increased the amount of applications we received and has saved our managers so much time reviewing and responding to applications.

FHG Business Group


We used PeopleMatter for streamlining our HR function and we are proud to have associated with them. An excellent option!



PeopleMatter used to be a great product. Since the merge with Snag-a-job, my opinion has changed. There has been a lot of issues and "glitches" with the system since the merge. I feel as if they have broken the product and don't know how to fix it. Every week I receive emails about the system and errors that occur.



As a recruiter, I used this system every day. The system was easy to use, however, the reports are not as user-friendly. It's hard to get accurate reports and difficult to track referral sources. Also, the system does not allow you to email candidates to manager from within the system. Customer service was also a challenge.

Brooklyn Boulders


I've only gone through the demo on the product. It very appealing to me but could use some UI/UX work. Additionally, no one reached out to me to follow-up.

Jones SER


We recently switched to Peoplematter. The fact that our old system did not work on mobile makes this huge to us. It is also 10x less the cost of our previous software and once you get a hang of it so easy!

Ginger H. Enterprises Inc.


Easily to use and implement, knowledgeable sales and terrific customer service.

Humboldt Petroleum


The product has been a blessing to our growing company. It has let us streamline the tedious task of hiring and on boarding new employee's, and giving us a better pool of applicant's to pull from.


What is PeopleMatter Schedule?

PeopleMatter Schedule is web-based scheduling software for hourly employees. It includes tools for cost control and employee communication.

Learn more about PeopleMatter.

Where can find the PeopleMatter sign up page?

To create a PeopleMatter account, you'll need to signup for a free consultation first. You can do this by going to and filling out the contact form. There doesn't seem to be a PeopleMatter "create account" page.

Learn more about PeopleMatter.

What is my PeopleMatter Workfile?

This is a personal account for everyone who logs into PeopleMatter, from admins to team members and managers. It contains their personal information relevant to PeopleMatter, such as name, phone number, and email address.

Read more about PeopleMatter.

Is there a PeopleMatter app for mobile?

Yes. It's available for both Apple and Android phones. You can download it free from the App Store or Google Play by searching for "PeopleMatter."

Read more about PeopleMatter.

How do I contact PeopleMatter support?

You can call PeopleMatter support at 1 (877) 354-2266, email them at, or read support documents at

Learn more about PeopleMatter.

Is there a PeopleMatter Snagajob integration?

Snag purchased PeopleMatter in 2016. When you use PeopleMatter, you're able to post jobs on Snag.

Learn more about PeopleMatter.

What are some alternatives to PeopleMatter?

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