Pangara Pricing, How to Post, Key Information, and FAQs


July 23rd, 2019

Pangara is a freelance marketplace. They specialize in connecting businesses with remote Vietnamese developers, conducting a thorough screening and vetting process to ensure only the best candidates are listed.

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Pangara does not disclose pricing on their website.

Pangara Review:

Pros: Developers are technically sound and professional.

Cons: None.

Bottomline: Pangara is ideal for finding affordable yet professional developers and is a suitable replacement for in-house developers.

How to Post a Job on Pangara:

  1. Go to
  2. Select "Hire a Pangara Developer."
  3. Select "Hire a Developer Now."
  4. Submit your personal details.
  5. Pangara will contact you within 24 hours to chat about your business needs.

Key Information:


David Svensson, Fredrik Wesslén




Malmö, Sweden


Oscar Rydman

Phone Number

+46 789 89 38


Östra Varvsgatan 4, 6 tr, Malmö, Sweden 211 75



How can I create a Pangara account?

From the Pangara homepage, click "Get Started" and then fill in your personal information. Pangara will contact you within 24 hours to chat about your business needs.

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What kind of freelance jobs can I post on Pangara?

Hire from a pool of Full Stack Developers, Mobile Developers, Software Engineers, Web Developers, and iOS Developers, among others.

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How do I find the best freelancers on Pangara?

Pangara does all the hard work of vetting, evaluating and selecting the best candidates to meet your business needs. Once you submit your job details, Pangara will present you with a shortlist of ideal candidates to choose from.

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