Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Interview Questions

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Interview Questions

September 2nd, 2020

A Neonatal Nurse Practitioner has the comprehensive and advanced training to provide specialized care to premature and ill newborn infants within a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or speciality practice. The Neonatal Nurse Practitioner has the great responsibility of assessing and caring for at-risk newborn infants.

A successful candidate will have the determination, perseverance and empathy to be the primary caregiver for newborns suffering from complex health issues and their parents or guardians. An unsuitable candidate will not be able to authorize the tests and procedures necessary to the care of at-risk newborns.

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Interview Questions for Neonatal Nurse Practitioners

1. Can you explain the steps you would take in assessing a sick newborn infant?

Demonstrates the candidates' ability to take charge and follow the steps in diagnosing an ill infant. Take note of candidates who do not follow the proper steps.

2. How would you care for and treat an infant suffering from a congenital heart defect?

Demonstrates the candidates' knowledge of medical procedures and medications.

3. What would you do if you disagreed with the NICU physician's diagnosis?

Look for candidates who demonstrate authority in their own right, but are still able to respect those who have greater authority than they do.

4. What would you say to parents who have just lost their infant?

Demonstrates the candidates' empathetic nature and their communication skills in handling grieving parents and guardians.

5. How would you handle the death of an infant who died as a result of something you did or did not do?

Look for candidates who can acknowledge that mistakes happen, often with devastating results, but who can learn from these mistakes. Neonatal Nurse Practitioners must be able to handle infant deaths without it affecting their lives and work. Take note of candidates who demonstrate current knowledge of medical procedures.

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