Marketing Job Posting Sites

Marketing Job Posting Sites

May 13th, 2019

Marketing job posting sites are used by marketing firms and other employers to reach out to potential applicants in this highly competitive field.

Our list of marketing job posting sites will help you hire help faster, whether you're hiring a marketing manager, assistant, a digital media marketer or other marketing position.

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Top 10 Marketing Job Posting Sites:

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Site Name

Posting Options



Free and paid options.


Google for Jobs

Free job positngs.



Free and paid options.


American Marketing Association

Paid, starting at $225.00.


Paid, starting at $225.00.


Talent Zoo

Paid, starting at $249.00.


Society for Marketing Professional Services

Paid, starting at $305.00.


Association for Audience Marketing Professionals

Paid, starting at $269.00.


Insights Association

Paid, staring at $175.00.



Paid, starting at $299.00.


Is there anywhere to advertise marketing job postings free?

Niche marketing job posting sites typically charge, but you can post to general job sites such as Indeed, Google for Jobs, Ladders, and Jobvertise for free.

Do you have any tips for creating an effective marketing manager job posting?

Always write your job posting as if the ideal applicant were a customer. Focus on what would make them want to apply for and get your job. To help you get started, we've got a great marketing manager job description template.

Are there any marketing job sites you recommend for hiring remotely?

Yes, check out WeWorkRemotely,, Remotive, Skip the Drive, and Flexjobs. These aren't specifically marketing job websites, but places where remote workers know to look for jobs. If you want to hire someone as a contract worker, you might consider Upwork as well.

Are there any marketing job posting sites you recommend for a digital media marketing job posting?

This can depend a lot on your location. In some places, a big, general job board like Indeed might be your best bet. In others, a marketing niche site like American Marketing Association might work best, or even a general tech site like AngelList. You'll likely need to test various sites to learn what works best for you. Also, talk to your best hires and find out where they look for jobs.

How can I get better results from my marketing job posts?

Writing better posts is often times the easiest and least expensive way to do this. Below I've got a list of sample templates you can use to quickly improve your posts.