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*This is not an exhaustive list of pricing plans. For more pricing options and job packs, take a look at JOC Logistics Career Center's pricing page.


JOC Logistics Career Center allows job seekers to search for jobs by title, keyword, category, and state. You can also upload your resume to apply for jobs quickly and easily.

For employers, JOC Logistics Career Center offers a variety of advertising and recruitment solutions to attract and hire qualified candidates.


  • Offers search filters.
  • Offers job alerts for job seekers.
  • Offer job flash emails that are distributed to over 10,000 logistics professionals.
  • Offers access to a resume database.
  • Offers enhanced job postings.
  • Network posting packages advertise your job(s) on the Logistics Career Center site, as well as network member websites for increased exposure.
  • Offers banner advertising packages to enhance your brand.


  • No applicant tracking.
  • No reporting or analytics.


We could not find any JOC Logistics Career Center reviews. JOC.com has a Facebook following of over 50,000 and a Twitter following of over 31,000, however, it is not clear if the company advertises jobs on these platforms.

How to Post a Job on JOC Logistics Career Center:

$150.00 USD
1 Hour
How to Post a Job on JOC Logistics Career Center:

A few easy steps to post a job on JOC Logistics Career Center.


Post a job.


Go to the JOC Logistics Career Center website.

Go to the JOC Logistics Career Center website.

On the home page, click on "Post a Job."


Go to your account.

Go to your account.

Hover over "Sign-in or Create Account" in the top right corner of the page. Select "Employer" from the drop-down menu. If you have an account, log in using your email and password. If not, follow the steps below to create one.

Scroll down to the "New Users Create an Account" online form.

Fill out your information and your company's information.

Create a security password.

Read the Usage Agreement and the Privacy Policy.

Agree with both policies.

Click "Create My Account."


Create a job post.

Create a job post.

Click on "Post a Job," the red button in the top right corner.

Select the type of job posting you need.

Pay careful attention to duration, cost, and features.

Scroll down to "Job Basics."

Enter your job posting's details in the fields provided.

Preview your post.

Click "Continue."

JOC Logistics Career Center vs. JobsInLogistics.com:

JobsInLogistics.com is a top job site for the logistics and supply chain industries. The platform charges $335.00 for a 60-day job post, while JOC Logistics Career Center charges $300.00 for a 60-day listing. If you need to refresh a job post on JobsInLogistics, you will need to pay $185.00. In addition, the site lacks search filters and there is an additional cost to search resumes.

JOC Logistics Career Center vs. LogisticsJobsite:

LogisticsJobsite is a niche job board that allows employers to purchase job listings, starting at $199.00 per job post. While they are more expensive than JOC for a 30-day job post, each subscription includes usage reporting, demographic data, analytics, and more — all features that JOC does not offer.

JOC Logistics Career Center vs. LogisticsJobs.org:

LogisticsJobs.org is a job board that offers basic job posting and a search engine for job seekers. The site charges $159.00 for one job post, while JOC Logistics Career Center charges $150.00 for a 30-day job posting. JOC's platform offers a variety of features and advertising solutions, whereas LogisticsJobs.org does not.

Key Information

Legal Name

JOC Group


Arthur Tappan and Samuel Morse


450 W. 33rd St., Floor 5, New York, New York 10001-2632




1 (973) 776-7820




What is JOC Logistics Career Center?

JOC Logistics Career Center is a job board owned by The Journal of Commerce (JOC) — an online publication that features news and insights about the shipping and logistics industries.

What does it cost to advertise a job on JOC Logistics Career Center?

Job advertising packages range between $150.00 and $9,575.00, depending on your hiring needs.

How do I create an account on JOC Logistics Career Center?

If you are a job seeker, go to logisticscareercenter.joc.com/login and fill in the online form.

For employers, click "Post a Job" in the top right corner of the homepage. Then, click "Sign-in or Create Account" and fill in the online form.

How do I delete a job posting on JOC Logistics Career Center?

From your dashboard, select the "My Jobs" tab. Find your job position in the list and hover over the Actions icon to the right, then click delete.

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