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*There are small and multi-clinic packages available too. Contact JobsSLP.com for further information.


JobsSLP.com is a niche job board that companies can use to find medical workers with skills in speech-language, pathology, and audiology. Job posts get great exposure across different sites, and a host of useful candidate management tools are available to employers, as is a searchable database of candidate resumes.


  • JobsSLP.com is more affordable than competing job board ASHA Career Portal.
  • Jobs posts are automatically sent to other popular job boards, giving your listing more exposure.
  • Employers can access a candidate resume database for targeted searching.
  • Job seekers can be messaged on the platform before scheduling interviews or phone calls.
  • The job portal has more than 20,000 registered job-seekers and companies.
  • Standout candidates can be added to your accounts page, making it easy to manage your applicants.
  • Enterprise-sized recruitment options are available for large businesses who want more recruiting power.
  • Job posts can be edited after going live, making updates easy and frictionless.
  • JobsSLP.com reviews all job posts before publishing them, ensuring that they are as effective and noticeable as can be.
  • Small and Multi-clinic packages are available upon request.


  • There are no free job posting options.
  • Rival job board, SpeechPathology.com, is a more affordable alternative.
  • Access to the candidate resume database is not free. Employers have to pay $299.00 for one-month access.
  • Job searches turn up empty, but it is unclear if this means there are no jobs currently listed.


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How to Post a Job on JobsSLP.com:

$199.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on JobsSLP.com:

Seven easy steps for posting a job on JobsSLP.com.


Posting a job on JobsSLP.com.


Go to the JobsSLP.com home page.

Go to the JobsSLP.com home page.

Navigate to jobsslp.com and click on the arrow next to the "Employers" button in the top-right corner to open the drop-down menu. Click on "Post a Job."


Create an account.

Create an account.

Click on the "Create New Account" button or use your login details if you already have an account with JobsSLP.com.


Fill in your details.

Fill in your details.

Add information in the relevant text fields, including personal and company details. Click on the "Sign up" button toward the bottom of the page.


Click on "Make a Purchase."

Click on "Make a Purchase."

The "Make a Purchase" link is in the instructions on the "Thank You" page, highlighted in blue.


Choose a product.

Choose a product.

Choose a job posting package that meets your budget and hiring needs. Click on the arrows in the text box to indicate the number of purchases you want to make, then click on the green "Update Total" button.

Employers also have the option of calling the company for custom recruiter packages.


Click on the "Enter Billing Information" button.

Click on the "Enter Billing Information" button.

A green button will appear to the right of your screen labeled "Enter Billing Information." Click on it.


Enter your payment details.

Enter your payment details.

Add all your details in the relevant fields and click on the green "Submit Order" button to pay for your job post.

Once you've paid for your job post, follow the last steps in the process to craft your post. This completes the process.

JobsSLP.com vs. SpeechPathology.com:

Both SpeechPathology.com and JobsSLP.com offer employers advanced candidate management tools and reach a large audience of job seekers, but the former costs $50.00 less than JobsSLP.com. JobsSLP.com does provide access to a candidate resume database, a feature its rival does not offer.

JobsSLP.com vs. ASHA Career Portal

At $350.00 per post, ASHA Career Portal is significantly costlier than JobsSLP.com's price of $199.00. ASHA affords companies access to their candidate resume database with each job post, while JobsSLP.com charges an additional $299.00. Both are excellent job portals with a wide reach.

JobsSLP.com vs. Oregon Speech-Language & Hearing Association:

Oregon Speech-Language & Hearing Association differs from JobsSLP.com in that it is an organization with membership benefits, including access to useful resources and conferences. Nonmembers need to pay a low fee of $25.00 to list a job, compared to JobsSLP.com's price of $199.00, although the latter gives jobs a much wider audience.

Key Information

Legal Name


Founding Date

Jan 01, 2003


2620 SE Maricamp Rd., Ocala, FL 34471

Number of Employees





1 (866) 785-6271




What is JobsSLP.com?

JobsSLP.com is a job board that lists specialized vacancies in the speech-language, pathology, and audiology space. The platform offers advanced candidate management tools, a wide reach for job posts, and access to a candidate resume database.

What does it cost to post a job on JobsSLP.com?

JobsSLP.com's pricing for a single job post is $199.00. Employers can pay up to $799.00 for candidate resume access, and there are custom recruiting solutions if you contact the company.

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