JobsFlag review with pricing, posting instructions, key information, and FAQs.


November 2nd, 2020

JobsFlag is a job posting site that advertises listings from various job sites, newspapers, associations, and company career pages in one location. With JobsFlag, employers can post their job ads on different job boards and JobsFlag will still pick it up on their website.

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JobsFlag does not disclose pricing on their website. To find out more information, you can contact JobsFlag for a quote.


JobsFlag is a general job board that aggregates job postings from various platforms and resources, including newspapers, associations, and career pages. Here, job seekers can find jobs in virtually every industry, including technology, finance, and healthcare. For employers, JobsFlag also provides a platform to post jobs directly onto the site.


  • Candidates can post their resume on JobsFlag so that employers can browse through them.
  • JobsFlag provides helpful recruitment and job search tips.
  • Employers can post a job ad on competitors' job boards and it will still appear on JobsFlag.
  • JobsFlag aggregates job postings from various resources, including newspapers, job boards, and company career pages.


  • JobsFlag is a job aggregator website so your job ad could get lost in all the content.
  • Employers must pay for featured posts if they want their job ad to stand out.
  • Limited information about pricing available.
  • JobsFlag has a reputation for allegedly sharing personal contact information with marketing companies.


There is not much information and user reviews about JobsFlag available online. However, we did find a review and customer comments that highlighted JobsFlag's history of selling users' contact information to marketing firms. We also found a review blog post that stated the customer service was slow and that most of the jobs were outdated.

How to Post a Job on JobsFlag:

  1. Visit the JobsFlag website.
  2. Click on "Employers/Post A Job."
  3. Enter your job description, location, salary, etc.
  4. Sign in to your JobsFlag account and complete the checkout prompts.
  5. Click Confirm at the bottom of the page to review your job posting.
  6. Click "Publish."


JobsFlag vs. Nexxt
JobsFlag vs. Nexxt:

Both Nexxt and JobsFlag are general job posting sites that cater to various industries. However, while JobsFlags predominately serves as a job aggregator site with limited job posting services, Nexxt promises over 50 million job views and has a better global reach.

JobsFlag vs. Monster
JobsFlag vs. Monster:

JobsFlag and Monster offer users similar job posting features and job categories. With JobsFlag, you have access to a job aggregator, as well as a job posting service. This means that you can post your ad on any site, and it will still appear on JobsFlag. However, Monster offers global reach and is considered a high-traffic job board.

JobsFlag vs. StartWire
JobsFlag vs. StartWire:

Both StartWire and JobsFlag are job aggregator sites that gather job ads from various sources. However, unlike JobsFlag, StartWire does not provide room to post a job ad on the site. This means that you'll need to use a third-party site in order to appear on StartWire's listings.

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How can I find good candidates on JobsFlag?

A clear and well-written job description will help you attract the best candidates. Be sure to use a good job template to write your job posting.

How can I edit a JobsFlag job posting?

Log in to your JobsFlag account and click My Jobs on the dashboard. Select the job you would like to edit. Make your changes and click confirm when you're done.

How can I delete a JobsFlag job posting?

Select the job you would like to delete under My Jobs. Click the Delete icon to the left of the job posting.

How can I create a JobsFlag account?

On the JobsFlag homepage, click Employers/Post a Job at the top of the page. Enter your company details and click Proceed to open your account.