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Get reviews of JobDiva software, including its ATS, company facts, pricing info, and answers to common questions.

Last updated January 25th, 2018

JobDiva is a technology company that focuses on software solutions for staffing and recruiting agencies. Its software includes an applicant tracking system, client CRM, career portals, a talent management system, advanced resume search tools and other features.

JobDiva Key Information Table:

Founder Diya Obeid
Founded 2001
Headquarters New York, New York
CEO Diya Obeid
Number of Employees 51+
Phone Number (866) 562-3482
Address 44 Wall St, New York, NY 10005

Reviews of JobDiva:

Company Name Rating Review
The Judge Group 4 This software is easy to use and understand quickly. There are constant updates and improvements being made to better the software. This software has functionality issues that happen rather often. JobDiva support is apt to helping, which is always helpful.
PCI Strategic Management 5 Very user friendly, easy to navigate, and excellent layout. Excellent ATS to keep track of candidates, submissions, etc.
Intelliswift 5 JobDiva is best for sourcing because it fetches resumes from every portal which is very helpful and puts everything on single platform.
Connexions Data INC 5 It is one of the Best ATS to Track Consultant interviews, Joining, Apart from joining its helps to send Bulk emails.
EDI Staffing 4 Scrapes job boards for new candidates each day. Makes it easy to see who applied to your open roles. A lot of the features are hidden behind menus or apps. The FAQ could be laid out in a better way. Need to be able to see rejections easier.
Trident Consulting Inc. 5 Expecting a new UI design(graphics and Icons) that looks and feels high for great work.
Albin Engineering Services 4 Very easy to use and straightforward in finding information that I'm looking for in companies, contacts, and candidates.
eXcell, a division of CompuCom 4 The design is clean & user friendly. Previous tools I've used were slower & had too many moving parts, which made problems more likely. Job Diva's support team is constantly making improvements & is very responsive to problems of any scale.
Park Hudson International 4 I like the simplicity of it. Doing talent search, needs with keywords and having the option to exclude certain words, titles, and Visas is all beneficial.
DP Professionals 5 That is very user friendly and that is has a modern feel to it. Being able to run reports, track recruitment metrics and add candidates in a few clicks is really great!

JobDiva Pricing:

JobDiva prices are only available upon request at this time.

JobDiva FAQs:

Is there a JobDiva mobile app?

Yes, JobDiva does have a mobile app available for both iPhone and Android.

Is JobDiva software available to small businesses?

Yes, it appears that staffing and recruiting companies of many different sizes use JobDiva, but you'll have to contact them to see if the JobDiva cost is right for your small business.

Is there a JobDiva timesheet tracking application?

Yes, JobDiva offers MyTime, an application that allows temp workers placed through a staffing agency to record hours with a smartphone.

I'm considering JobDiva vs Bullhorn, any tips for how to choose?

JobDiva and Bullhorn have many overlapping features. You'll want to look at both and compare to see which feature set fits your needs best. Bullhorn starts at $99 per month, JobDiva does not list any prices.