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Job Seeker is an online job posting site that makes it easy for small businesses to post jobs and display them to a large number of candidates all at once.

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Job Seeker Pricing:

No pricing information is listed on Job Seeker because there is no charge for posting jobs since the site gains revenue through advertising.

How to Post a Job on Job Seeker:

  1. Click "Post a Job."
  2. Log in or register for an account.
  3. Click "Post a Job" again.
  4. Enter all of the job details and review your posting.
  5. Save and click "Post."

Job Seeker Key Information Table:


Coang Hoang




Sydney, Australia


18-39 Dangar pl, Sydney, New South Wales, 2008, Australia


Job Seeker FAQs:

How can I edit a Job Seeker job posting?

To edit your Job Seeker job postings, sign into your account and open a posting up. You can make changes and then click "Save" to update the posting.

How can I delete a Job Seeker job posting?

To delete a posting, simply select it from your list of active jobs and click "delete".

How do I create a Job Seeker account?

To manage Job Seeker job postings from your own account, click Post a Job > Register. This will lead you to the account registration form.