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Job.com do not disclose their pricing information. However, upon making a hire, the company will charge employers 7% of their recruit's annual income. This fee is only disclosed once an employee registers with the company and is only deducted once a successful hire is made.


Operating on the premise that algorithms can do a much better job at pairing companies with the right talent, Job.com has found mixed success from its users. A data-driven approach to recruiting has made it faster and simpler to make a hire, but a high service fee and aggressive email marketing have tempered the user experience.


  • Job.com uses data science to make the best employer-employee matches, based on individual employer hiring needs.
  • An automated approach speeds up the hiring process, cutting wait times.
  • There is a 5% fee refund to employers who are unhappy with their recruit.
  • Job.com claims to be more affordable than competitors. This will of course depend on how much money the new hire makes.
  • The company can be contacted via telephone and email.
  • The platform recruits professionals from most industries and specializations.


  • The website only caters to users in the U.S., although they encourage international users to contact them for information.
  • There are no options for promoting job listings.
  • There is no transparency about how the algorithm works.
  • Employers have to provide their telephone numbers to sign up.


There are plenty of negative reviews from former users on Trustpilot. Many of them point to spammy emails, misleading pricing information, and an inefficient matching algorithm that leads to disappointing results as things to look out for. Some users are satisfied with the service.

How to Post a Job on Job.com:

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How to Post a Job on Job.com:

Four easy steps for posting a job on Job.com.


Posting a job on Job.com.


Go to job.com.

Go to job.com.

Navigate to Job.com's home page.


Select "Employers."

Select "Employers."

The "Employers" button is in the top-left corner of the home page.


Click on "ENQUIRE NOW."

Click on "ENQUIRE NOW."

The "ENQUIRE NOW" button is highlighted in blue in the center of the page.


Fill in your company details.

Fill in your company details.

Include information, such as your company name, size, industry, and more. Click on "SPEAK TO THE TEAM" when you're done and a Job.com employee will contact you to complete the registration process. You can then post a job from your employer dashboard.

Job.com vs. Snagajob:

Snagajob offers employers access to more than 100 million job seekers and charges $89.00 per post. And while it doesn't cater to all job seekers, employers using Snagajob can choose candidates for themselves. Job.com relies on candidate matching technology, matching job seekers to jobs.

Job.com vs. JobsRadar:

Job.com and JobsRadar adopt an algorithmic approach to recruiting, but JobsRadar does not offer any information about how they price their service, whereas Job.com charges employers 7% of their new hire's annual income. Both platforms offer similar tools, but only JobsRadar affords access to a candidate resume database.

Job.com vs. Cleverism:

Cleverism and Job.com use sophisticated algorithms to pair employers with job seekers. Cleverism offers no insight into their pricing structure, while Job.com has a fee that amounts to 7% of the new hire's annual salary. Cleverism boasts an audience of 100,000 users a day, offering employers access to a larger candidate pool.

Key Information

Legal Name

My Job Matcher Inc.


Paul Sloyan

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2001


108 Wild Basin Rd., Ste. 250, Austin, TX 78746




1 (866) 556-2266




How much does it cost to post a job on Job.com?

There is no cost to post a job on Job.com. Instead, Job.com takes a service fee comprising 7% of a new recruit's annual income.

How do I contact Job.com?

Employers can email Job.com at sales@job.com or phone them on 1 (866) 556-2266.

What are some alternatives to Job.com?

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