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Last updated December 13th, 2017

Hireology is a Chicago-based software company that offers cloud-based recruiting, sourcing, payroll, onboarding, and hiring analytics tools for employers and recruiters.

Hireology Key Information Table:

Co-Founders Adam Robinson, Michael Krasman, Jeff Ellman
Founded 2010
Headquarters Chicago, IL
CEO Adam Robinson
Number of Employees 119
Number of Customers 3,700
Phone Number (312) 253-7870
Address 303 E. Wacker Dr. #400 Chicago, IL 60601
Website hireology.com

Reviews of Hireology:

Company Name Rating Review
Waxing the City Duluth & St. Cloud 4 It helps me stay organized, i.e., we have 2 businesses in different locations with staffing needs ongoing throughout the year. Instead of mounds of paperwork and files, I can keep the candidates' information up-to-date within their Hireology file.
Buildingstars 1 As soon as I started working with this product...I immediately started demoing other products for us to switch to.
Just For Cats Pet Sitting 1 Excessively buggy with many glitches. Data not transferring from applicant entry on Indeed to Hireology is a major concern. Also, answers to application questions get dropped when moving applicants from one queue to another. There are also issues with screen freezes and missing SUBMIT button when trying to use their internal email options to contact applicants.
Pillar to Post 1 The background check was a phone call and a note to me that nobody answered the phone. This describes my entire experience with Hireology. The company and I would describe completed services in very different ways. I feel I received no valuable information from the company.
Payfone 4 I liked the ease-of-use of the product and the swift customer support.

Hireology Pricing:

Hireology does not make pricing publically available. The average annual spend for similar software is $13,000, according to a survey by Siftery.

Hireology FAQs:

Is Hireology Chicago based?

Yes, Hireology is a Chicago, Illinois-based company.

Where can I find the Hireology login for employers?

Go to the Hireology home page and click Sign In in the top right corner, or go directly to app.hireology.com/users/sign_in.

What are some Hireology competitors I should look at for comparison?

Can I create a dedicated careers Hireology page?

Yes, you can create your own careers page with Hireology, and advertise your open positions online. If you don't already have a careers page, you should definitely invest in one.