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October 30th, 2018

HealthcareSource is a talent management software provider for the healthcare industry. Their cloud-based software suite includes an ATS, job posting tool, requisition builder, candidate ranking tools, and new hire onboarding software.

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HealthcareSource Pricing:

HealthcareSource does not post their pricing publically. You'll need to use the contact form on their site to learn more about the cost of their services.

HealthcareSource Key Information Table:




Woburn, MA


J.P. Fingado

Number of Employees


Number of Customers


Phone Number

(800) 869-5200


100 Sylvan Rd. Suite 100, Woburn, MA 01801


HealthcareSource Reviews:

Company Name



Phelps County Regional Medical Center


Excellent customer service and take your suggestions for software improvements seriously. Are falling behind in functionality and the newer versions are clunky and very busy not a clean interface.

Presby's Inspired Life


It is a step above paper evaluations as it can assign weighted scores and store evaluations. Very difficult to customize. Reports are not easy to run. Upgrades discontinue good reporting with less usable ones. Not compatible with well known HRIS systems.

Western Reserve Hospital


Very attentive sales and customer support staff. The sales and demo process was good, and the staff was not pushy, very honest. Unfortunately the LMS was not very with the times. It had an old looking interface, and could not integrate with this that we required.

Fresno Surgical Hospital


We have been very impressed with NetLearning from the start of the implementation process. Easy to navigate for both managers and employees, user-friendly when it comes to the creation of our own courses/classes. We have integrated NetLearning with NetCompetency and Performance Manager for all-inclusive Talent Suite, and so far have been very satisfied with the overall performance and customer service support.

Southcentral Foundation


Very basic Applicant Tracking System. Reports are basic. Cheap but not robust.

Fisher-TItus Medical Center


Offers many solutions for HR - including performance appraisals, ATS and learning competency packages.

Rheumatic Disease Associates


Very easy to use, can track applicants, run reports, send emails. I do not have any complaints. When I did use this, I found it to be a great system.



It is an easy to read assessment with suggested questions to ask during the interview.

Mercy Hospital Iowa City


Position Manager allowed us to move from a paper process for our job applicant to a fully electronic process. The implementation was handled quickly and effectively. It is easy for applicants, our recruiting staff and for our hiring managers.

BSA Health System


I like everything about this system. I think the system works fine and is user-friendly.

HealthcareSource FAQs:

Where is the HealthcareSource login for employers?

There is no general login page or button for HealthcareSource. Instead, employers are assigned a unique web address, or URL, they can use to login to their account.

Is there HealthcareSource staff assessment software available?

There are several HealthcareSource HR tools, including their HealthcareSource Staff Assessment and HealthcareSource Leadership Assessment software. This includes the HealthcareSource staff assessment survey.

What is HealthcareSource NetLearning?

This is HealthCareSource's healthcare learning management system. It allows users to plan, deliver and track healthcare education.

What is HealthcareSource Performance Manager software?

This is software for managing healthcare appraisals, job descriptions, skills, goals, and succession planning.