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Consulting Magazine Careers is a niche job board that promotes consultancy vacancies across the U.S. It's hosted by Consulting Magazine, a dedicated online platform that lists the latest news, trends, and rankings in the industry. Additionally, the job board is missing standard features, including social media sharing and candidate matching.

That said, Consulting Magazine Careers is excellent for targeted job ad exposure, and it offers bulk packages and featured job ads to help reach both active and passive professionals.


  • Consulting Magazine Careers targets job seekers in this niche field to streamline recruitment processes.
  • Employers can link their company websites to job descriptions to create a seamless application system.
  • With the Featured packages, job ads are published in the eNewsletter to boost visibility.
  • Consulting Magazine Careers claims that job ads reach around 13,500 job seekers.
  • The platform offers bulk job postings and featured job ads to suit businesses with various hiring needs.
  • Each job ad includes a company logo to solidify the credibility of the post and improve brand awareness.


  • Employers have to contact the Account Executive to post jobs online.
  • Compared to general job boards, Consulting Magazine Careers is the costlier option.
  • No Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or resume database is mentioned on the website.
  • The platform lacks social media sharing, candidate matching, and job ad distribution.
  • There is no free job posting package available.


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$299.00 /post.

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$499.00 /post.

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How to Post a Job on Consulting Magazine Careers:

To post vacancies on Consulting Magazine Careers, interested employers can browse through the various packages available and then contact the Account Executive, Ed Ware, at or via telephone at 1 (212) 457-9188.

Consulting Magazine Careers vs. Job Board: shares similar services as Consulting Magazine, including information on the latest trends and news. When comparing the two competitors' job boards, both platforms are lacking advanced tools. That said, with's job board, pricing is not transparent, while Consulting Magazine Careers pricing starts at $299.00 per post.

Consulting Magazine Careers vs. FinancialPositions:

The primary distinctions between Consulting Magazine Careers and FinancialPositions are the two competitors' reach and pricing. With the former, pricing starts at $299.00 per post, and the job board provides a more targeted hiring approach. In contrast, FinancialPositions advertises a range of vacancies within the industry for $99.00 per post.

Consulting Magazine Careers vs. LinkedIn:

While Consulting Magazine Careers charges $299.00 per post and provides a more focused approach to recruiting professionals, LinkedIn is a popular job networking site that offers both free and paid options. That said, employers looking for the best visibility will appreciate LinkedIn's options, which are capable of reaching a global audience.

Key Information

Legal Name

ALM Global, LLC.

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1999


150 E. 42nd St., New York, 10017



1 (212) 457-9188



What is Consulting Magazine?

Consulting Magazine is a specialized platform that highlights the industry's latest news, trends, and career opportunities in the U.S.

How much does it cost to post a job on Consulting Magazine Careers?

Consulting Magazine Careers' pricing starts at $299.00 per post. The platform also offers bulk job posting packages that start at $5,995.00 per plan.

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