Companies in the UK Hiring During Coronavirus

Discover which UK companies are conducting large-scale hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Companies in the UK Hiring During Coronavirus

September 8th, 2020

Despite government intervention, the UK's unemployment rate has risen sharply following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Many experts warn that the extent of job losses will surpass that witnessed during the 2008 financial crisis, while some suggest that it could be even more severe than that observed during the Great Depression.

In the midst of downsizings and complete closures, some companies have embarked on mass hiring initiatives to meet increased demands during the pandemic. We've rounded up some of the most salient efforts during this time.



In March, discount supermarket chain Aldi announced that they would be recruiting 9,000 workers: 5,000 to fill temporary vacancies, and 4,000 to fill permanent posts. These are located in stores and distribution centers throughout the UK.

Those who work in London will earn a minimum of £10.90 per hour, while others will earn at least £9.30 per hour. Interested parties can submit their applications via


On March 20, supermarket chain Asda publicized their plans to appoint 5,000 individuals whose employment had been adversely impacted by COVID-19. Thus far, successful candidates have been awarded shifts or temporary secondments. Job seekers should visit or their local stores to apply for current vacancies.


In March, supermarket chain Iceland announced that they would be recruiting retail assistants and home delivery drivers across the UK As of April 6, retail assistant recruitment is on hold while the group works through its waiting list. However, delivery drivers are still in demand. Interested individuals can apply for these positions online.


Last month, discount supermarket chain Lidl noted that they would be opening 2,500 contract Stock Assistant positions to help meet increased demands across their 800 stores. Applicants are required to be available for a minimum of four weeks, during which time shifts could include morning, evening, and weekend stints.

Successful candidates will earn £9.30 per hour if located outside the M25, and £10.75 per hour if located inside the M25. Applications can be submitted via


On March 17, Morrisons – one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK – announced that it would be creating an additional 3,500 jobs to scale its home delivery services. Specifically, the group aims to appoint approximately 2,500 order pickers and drivers, as well as 1,000 individuals to work in their distribution centers.

Candidates should visit for details on how to apply for these and other vacancies.


On March 20, Tesco – the UK's largest supermarket chain – publicized its plans to hire 20,000 temporary workers for a minimum of twelve weeks. The group noted that candidates would be interviewed and have their applications processed within one day. Interested parties should submit their applications via


The National Health Service (NHS) has scores of vacancies across medical and allied healthcare, as well as administration. Individuals who are searching for opportunities in England or Wales should visit Those who would like to work in Scotland should view the vacancies listed on

The Health and Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland also have hundreds of vacancies. Interested parties should view their official website to learn more about available jobs.


UK's Alliance of Ethical Labour Providers – comprising Hops Labour Solutions, Fruitful Jobs, and Concordia Ltd – is in search of seasonal workers who are available from May onwards. Most positions entail picking and packing fruit and vegetables, although there is a need for heavy machine operators, too.

All workers will receive free insurance and optional housing, as well as the minimum wage at the very least. Those who would like to apply can do so via

Following mandatory restaurant closures, businesses have increasingly turned to food delivery services in an effort to remain viable. This has led to an increased demand for delivery drivers.


Approximately 3,000 restaurants joined Deliveroo in March of 2020. Unsurprisingly, the company continues to accept applications from prospective delivery drivers. As of April 6, there are also over 100 vacancies that span customer relationship management, content creation, IT, and more, most of which are concentrated in London. Further information is available on Deliveroo's website.


Pizza chain Domino's has a number of delivery driver vacancies. There is also a demand for staff within stores, supply chain centers, and head office. Job seekers should visit to learn more about these positions and to submit their applications.


Individuals looking to set their own schedules should consider applying for the delivery driver positions offered by GrubHub. While candidates ought to have their own cars (or bikes, in certain regions), no prior delivery experience is needed. Interested parties should apply online.

Pizza Hut:

Pizza Hut is searching for bike and car-owner drivers located in London. Successful candidates will be able to start immediately. For more information, be sure to visit

Uber Eats:

As it stands, Uber Eats has been adding hundreds of restaurants and convenience stores to its app every week. Those who are searching for flexible working arrangements should consider signing up online.


What jobs are in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Medical and allied healthcare.
  • Administrative staff, particularly within clinical settings.
  • Delivery drivers.
  • Retail assistants.
  • Warehouse clerks.
  • Operations managers.
  • Fruit and vegetable pickers and packers.
  • IT staff.

Which large companies are still hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic?